The Dear Diary Project

Dear Diary:Carya is over now, but I hope to run similar workshops soon

There is something deeply human about putting pen to paper and recording your own life. And something else so wonderfully magical about receiving a letter in the mail. 

The Dear Diary Project combines these two forms of written history and invites you to send yourself a diary entry through the mail, and then create a collage to reflect your writing!

These workshops are not dependent on skill, material, or age. Anyone can write about their day, week, or life, and then make a piece of art based on that writing.


 This project is run and supported by Carya Village Commons

This project runs in 2-Week Workshops from July through September 2023

Group 1: July 5-13

Group 2: July 19-27

Group 3: August 2-10

Group 4: August 16-24

Group 5: Aug 30-Sept 7

Group 6: September 13-21

Workshops are Wednesdays and Thursdays 

from 1-2:30 pm