Organized from newest to oldest by show, each drop down menu has details on the specific props I made from each show!

Costume Wings

Just For Fun, Calgary2020
  • These sets of wings are just for fun. I love to create all sorts of things when I'm bored

  • Pink Pair: frame made out of coat hanger wire, taped together with packing tape and sealed between layers of iridescent cellophane. I finished them off with a heat gun to put small burn holes in the corners.

  • Black Pair: made out of coat hangers and thinner wire, wrapped with electrical tape, and finished with tiny purple LED lights.

WCHS, Calgary JUNE 2019 - JANUARY 2020
  • There was a protest scene in which I painted sleeping bags and created protest signs. We also just reused protest signs from the climate strikes from that year.

  • I made little signs for each of the three sections

  • There was lots of food and snacks in every scene, so I had to go on plenty of snack runs, including a giant bin of cheese puffs

  • My favourite scene features a meteor shower made out of solo cups. I cut little holes in the bottom of each cup and glued tea candles into the bottoms

IGNITE! CalgaryAPRIL - JUNE 2019
  • I built the set, which was three panels of plywood that were on hinges and then spray painted to create a gross bathroom feel

  • There was a garbage can with a fire special effect in it, I had to drill a hole in the side of the garbage can to run the cord through

  • Marc Lavallee was amazing and helped us get a toilet as our main set piece


WCHS, Calgary JANUARY - APRIL 2019
  • Every single prop and object on stage was made out of cardboard.

  • I was prop manager and the lead creator of all the props

  • My two favourite props were drones and a little laptop. both were completely out of cardboard

Wes Anderson: Grand Budapest Hotel

WCHS Technical Theatre 25, Calgary JANUARY 2019
  • Mendl's mobile set piece. Handmade each box, wrapped them and the cart with the pink paper, and positioned them all.

  • 7 feet long and 4 feet tall replica of the Grand Budapest Hotel.

  • Windows are lined with wax paper and backed with lights, so that all the windows light up.

The Penelopiad

WCHS, Calgary JUNE - NOVEMBER 2018
  • 12 duck masks, each unique, made with white and purple feathers.

  • I assigned each Maid character a colour. All their props were matching and colour coordinated. (the beaks on the duck masks).

  • Crystal ball/magic orb. Made with a frosted glass globe, filled with battery operated fairy lights and a lilac feather boa for movement.

  • The set was grey base with grey clouds painted on top. The maids costumes matched the 12 ropes hanging from the grid.

  • The ropes were pulled and woven to create the different scenes and spaces.

Wild Abandon

WCHS, Calgary JANUARY - MAY 2018
  • The set was just a chair, a noose, and two dozen blown out eggs hanging from invisible threads from the ceiling.

  • All of the eggs were dyed sky blue and had little clouds painted on them. One of the eggs remained white, and had a magnet attached to the top so that it can be taken down and reattached throughout the show.

  • Painted Cloth Wings that fold out of a backpack. I built everything myself, and engineered the mechanism.

  • Backpack is attached with velcro on the top and weak snaps all around the edge and bottom.

  • When straps are pulled, the wings unfold from inside the bag.

To learn more about the wings

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

WCHS Technical Theatre 15, Calgary JANUARY 2018
  • Light Sabers made with Cellophane, plastic lighting tubes, and flashlights.

  • Scene where "Luke" gets into the X-Wing Fighter Jet

  • Three main papier mache props from this project:

  • Painted Papier Mâche and carboard Millennium Falcon. The back/engine part lights up blue

  • Painted Papier Mâche Death Star, the size of a regular yoga ball. Green light in the centre of the laser

  • Painted papier mâche and cardboard X-Wing Fighter Jet that fits a average human in the cockpit. Engines light up red and white.