“Wireless” is a reality-inspired short video drawn from my own story and relationship with my best friend of the past 8 years, Tessa Turner.

Growing up I saw a lot of buddy films, stupid kids doing stupid stuff to pass the time. But in watching all those movies I never got to see someone who looked like me do stupid stuff for the summer.

Wireless is a short film featuring two queer women of colour as they road trip across Canada in the summer. Its an examination of intersectionality, friendship, and new chapters.

This was originally supposed to be filmed the summer after graduation from High School before we went our separate ways to start the rest of our lives, but COVID had other plans.

Production will start as of June 2022!

Extra special thanks to CanadaCouncil for the arts for funding to support this project, and to Keep Good Theatre's Genrmination workshop run by Gill Clarke and Kalale Dalton.