Wireless is a short film featuring two queer women of colour as they road trip across Canada in the summer. Its an examination of intersectionality, friendship, and new chapters.

Featuring Tessa Turner and E.L.F. Music

A huge HUGE thanks to Canada Council for the financial support on this project!

this isn't home.

A short film featuring a team of entirely artists of colour based around exploring fear and visual imagery paired with spoken word poetry.

Featuring work by Mary Annan, Tessa turner, Avery Chapman, Kiki Ayudo, Nyeboth Puok, Ire Olaoye, Devin Kotani, Judy Zhao

Filmed, voiced, and edited by Maezy Reign.

A huge HUGE thanks to AMAAS for the financial support on this project!
Maezy Dennie, Berlin Demuth, Medina Dennie, Ocean Demuth, Zaiyah Dennie and Sol Demuth
(top to bottom, left to right)

Maezy, Berlin, Medina, Ocean, Zaiyah and Sol

Bum Family Film Collective

We are a collective of 6 cousins and our moms (who are sisters). We have been making films together since 2010.

We started out with live action and switched to stop-motion animation shortly after. Our random films are written and animated by us creating fits of giggles across the globe.

Feel free to explore our little world and watch any of our films. Fall in love with Lilly Monster or see our take on ethical issues of GMO food.

Lots more information on our website!