I'm a 20-year-old emerging artist born and raised in Calgary. Both my parents are theatre artists and entrepreneurs so I've been raised in a very artsy family.

Writing is where my heart is. Growing up in the Calgary arts industry, I saw a lot of plays as I grew up. And I never felt represented on stage. So I write plays based on my own experiences. I'm trying to put more stories into the world that my younger self would have been delighted to see.

During the pandemic, I started collaging. At first, I used it as a coping method for my psychosis symptoms. Now its taken on a whole life of its own in the form of The Rolled Lemon.

I graduated from Western Canada High School, where I first fell in love with theatre. I was the stage manager for two years in my high school theatre department, as well as the production manager and technical director of the program.

I identify as a mixed-race black artist. Both my parents are Canadian, my dad is the first generation. My grandmother on my dad's side grew up in St. Vincent in the Caribbean.